La Rana - Form Follows

La Rana - Form Follows

The Project Form Follows is an Italian duo founded by Filippo Conti and Fabio Saggese. The project is based on the form - of the sound - follows function principle, through the research of sounds, samples, and digital synthesis. The band debut in early 2016 publishing an independent EP. In the same year, the project is among the winners of the tender “Toscana100band” (Controradio, Regione Toscana). In 2017, “Morfosi”, the first LP, went out; it was an album about changing and personal evolution, whose single “Fire” won the SIAE price for the best composition in the 29° edition of Rock Contest Controradio. The second album, named “Ruje”, will come out on the 14th of February (Fresh Yo! Label). It is a re-mix of the samples realized in Basilicata (IT) on the late ‘50 by Diego Carpitella and Ernesto de Martino, recordings now under the custody of the Istituto Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and contained in “Musiche Tradizionali della Basilicata” published by Squilibri Editore. The combination of traditional folk music with the electronic music merges present and past in nine tracks representing the circle of life: from the first light to the last goodnight. Track The song is La Rana (The frog), a metaphor of the generation gap: the youth lightheartedness is given by the children singing, while the female voice interprets the adult age concerns. Frog and tadpole, adults and youngs: different dichotomy, same difficulties in establishing relationship and communication. Music Video La Rana: drops of color bloom like flowers, followed by the rhythmic dances of rural and industrial landscapes. We witness the alternation of daylight and twilight, summer and winter, tradition and innovation, and in the foreground, the Human Being, in her/his journey from childhood to adulthood. for this music video Cristina Dezi, Marius Kreill e Isabel Wiegand chose to combine different techniques: scratch on film and other forms of direct intervention on celluloid, with paint on glass stop motion animation. Inspired by the optical theater of Émile Reynaud, the abstract animations of Hans Richter and Oskar Fischinger, the experiments of Norman Mclaren, but also Pollock, Kandinsky and others, the authors guide us into this original and experimental audio-visual experience throughout history of animation. Credits Track: La Rana Band: Form Follows Album: Ruje Label: Fresh Yo! Label Management: Meno Composers: Filippo Conti, Fabio Saggese Drum and percussions: Giacomo Cirinei Mixing: Andrea Pachetti, 360 Music Factory Mastering: Andrea “Bernie” De Bernardi, Eleven Mastering Studio Music Video authors: Cristina Dezi, Mario Kreill, Isabel Wiegand Video Production: Fantasmagorie Studio
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