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Cristina is a multidisciplinary artist born in Italy in 1987. 

"my life is a carousel of art where creepy Puppets, eccentric Costumes, moving paintings, experimental violins are playing together une danse macabre".

after she graduated in fashion design in milan in 2010 she moved to London where she worked for several fashion companies like Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan. 

joined the Italian music band and artist collective, La Maison, she travelled around Europe and making costumes and set for performances.

In 2015 she moved to Berlin and started her own brand, Dystopiart, based on the concept of upcycling and preservation of artisanal culture in a theatrical and burlesque scenery.

Between Berlin and london she worked as freelance costume designer, seamstress for Prangsta Costumier, and puppet maker for several independent projects, included "a doll a day" collective for exhibitions and performances.

in 2018 she moved to Barcelona where she studied a master's degree in stop motion animation and where she is living now.

She is currently working in experimental animation music projects and installations and as a freelance costume designer.

"I Combine elements of Symbolism, Surrealism and alchemy using mostly recycled materials, to tell my feelings and the stories about the world around me.

It's a neverending transformation and a world collective collaboration."

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